Welcome to Coinplay SA and the best Jukebox around. The Coinplay Jukebox is a Commercial Jukebox for playing audio, video and karaoke music in commercial venues like Pubs, etc. Perfect for touch screen systems.

What makes our Jukebox different? The jukebox includes a great amount of customizable options. The Commercial Operator can tailor his jukeboxes to his individual needs and looks. With Coinplay you take control of your Jukebox. You can display your own advertisements and switch functions and buttons on and off in the back office according to your needs.

Since 2005 to 2017 we were supplying Jukeboxes but in 2017 we change the name to Playgate to accommodate the bigger world wide markets

Our range expanded immensely since 2017 to date. Please don't hesitate to visit our new website

Playgate Digital Jukeboxes is a commercial jukebox for playing audio, video and karaoke tracks in commercial venues like Pubs, Bars, Taverns & Restaurants.

A perfect Touchscreen system for single, dual, vertical and horizontal screen setups and an impressive list of features. Playgate Digital Jukeboxes offers so much more with a variety of customizable options available to the Commercial Coin-Operator to tailor each Playgate Jukebox to their individual needs and requirements