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RiSA / SAMPRA action are immanent.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:37 pm
by coffee

RiSA and SAMPRA are gearing up for action against illegal jukeboxes.

Quoted from letters I recieved by email.

"First of all it must be noted that the RiSA APEU has not let up on the noted “RiSA initiative to confiscate juke boxes”.
Actions are indeed being taken against operators that are not licensed.
As an example, raids were conducted at various venues in the Eastern Cape, last of which was on the 1st of August.
We do however sit with the problem that we do not know which operators/venues are actually licensed.
I have spoken to Lubabalo about obtaining a list from the blanket licensees which indicate which entities/venues are licensed under such blanket licensees.
He indicated that such lists would be requested from the licensees in the coming week.

(Edited out because spesific places where named where raids may take place against illegal jukeboxes)

As for stats, the best would be to contact Braam as I do not know what the other guys in the provinces are doing.
As for the requested letter I will bring it up at the next Anti-Piracy Subcommittee meeting (next week)."

I can not publish all the information I have as I think some of it may be sensitive information about cities, towns and areas which RiSA and SAMPRA are looking into.